The Versace Collection 2013/14


In 1978 Gianni Versace started his fashion line, and now he has became one of the world’s most talented and acclaimed fashion designers. The Italian touch has captured the world’s most finest and acclaimed stars, from models, to actors, that bear the brands luxury lifestyle and design.


But the has also captured the mens and women’s imagination to wear this brand with style, and although they collaborate with many other fashion and design houses, their philosophy remains unchanged. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, used. For the women the Versace Collection for the Fall/Winter, 2013/14 is printed in animal prints, winter whites, mini skirts in a reinvention of classic leopard, colours of black, lemon yellow and sage greens and are extremely beautifully cut.


The 2013 fall/winter Versace Collection for mencomes in a much more quieter and subdued look. Wearable pieces in beige color schemes of yellows, blues and militaristic greens, sharps suits and a edge of military buttons coming from inspirations from military officers. A very wearable collection that is as important to be worn as street wear to sharp meetings in the office. There is something that every man can wear and in every style.


Verscase Collection available from Shop at Voi


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