The LBD – Little Black Dress


Every woman has that special little LBD, more commonly known as the ‘Little Black Dress’ in her closet that she brings out on every occasion, whether for that evening out, or a daytime event.


Epitomised by Audrey Hepburn from the film’ Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ it comes to that little LBD there is nothing more sexy, versatile, timeless, and  there’s a perennial place for this simple, but oh-so popular LBD. And a perfect black dress is easy to wear, the style, cut, detail will ensure that you will have a great time whoever you wear it.


And the best thing about having that perfectly cut black dress, it  requires no thought, so you can stop worrying about what to wear and get on with the important thing; Brunch with friends, office meetings, girls’ nights out, or your next hot date, or just having a great night out. If your dress is plain but a statement piece, then anther way to add mileage to your wardrobe is to accessories. With statement colours, like shoes, belts, or handbag.


Add either rocket high animal print shoes, with a matching little clutch, or red, shoes, belt and very red lipstick. It’s as Parisienne and as chic as you like, but it’s a definite statement WOW on entrance. Glam up with over the top jewellery, as the fashion now is to rack and stack your army candy, big bejewelled earrings, and a chunky diamond necklaces. Could you imaging your closet without that very important LBD?


Beautiful LBD’s at Shop at Voi


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